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Audit Services

Audits are a necessary tool to monitor and maintain the health of quality management systems. Audits are used to determine the extent management systems conform to requirements and whether they have been effectively implemented and maintained. PQS employs consultant auditors who have extensive experience in professional auditing as well as industry specific experience.

Lisa Walker

"We knew nothing about how to implement and ISO 9001 system. We contacted PQS and they made it easy for us to understand and guided us through the process. Implementing ISO9001 gave our employees a way to make suggestions on how to improve procedures in their departments. All the employee involvement has made our company more efficient and even more profitable. We were so pleased with PQS that we have retained them to perform our internal audits every year."

- Lisa Walker, National Marine

Gap Analysis – This audit is generally performed on the Consultants first visit to your facility. The purpose of this audit is to determine the "gaps" between your Quality Management System and the ISO9001 based standard. This includes AS9100, TS16949 and ISO13485.

Pre-assessment Audit – This audit can be performed just prior to your registration audit to determine your company's compliance to the standard in which your company is seeking registration. Your auditor will leave you with a written report that will tell you clearly what areas you are complying with the standard and where and what you need to improve in order to be ready for the Registration audit.

Registration Audit - Of course, this is the 3rd party Registration Audit performed by certificated auditors working for a accredited registrar. We can provide valuable on-site registration audit support. Have someone on your staff that can debate the finer points of the standard with the auditor. We also provide assistance in developing corrective actions to close out any nonconformance's uncovered during the audit.

PQS can assist you with choosing a Registrar that will be a good fit for your company. We can recommend Registrars that we have worked with and are familiar with their audit style and philosophy. PQS prefers to work with registration companies that perform a "value added" audit.

Surveillance Audits – These scheduled audits are required after registration is achieved in order to keep your registration. It takes manpower to maintain your system why not let PQS's Internal Audit Program help you maintain the integrity of your Quality Management System in a cost- effective and efficient manner which will actually save you money!!!

Joe Ercey

"Premier Quality Systems showed us how to implement our quality system. By following their advice we were able to implement ISO9001 quickly. We enjoyed working with PQS so much that we hired them to do our Internal Audits. We are one of the first in the marine industry in the United States to adopt the ISO9001 standard and feel that it has given us recognition worldwide and helped to increase our business."

- Joe Ercey, Office Manager, Megafend

Internal Audits

Many organizations with limited resources and internal audit expertise and availability are now outsourcing internal audits. Your Internal audit is considered by the registrar to be one of the key parts of your quality management system. It provides a mechanism for you to monitor the performance of your processes. Your Quality Management System is audited against the requirements that are:

The challenge for employees who serve as internal auditors is that they don't have the skills and experience of a registrar's professional auditors. Using our professional auditor consultants significantly reduces the risk of major issues being found when Certification body auditors conduct surveillance audits.

At the conclusion of the ISO 9001 Internal Audit, we will provide a written report and executive presentation of our audit results. We can offer assistance with  corrective action plans and how to implement them.

After you obtain your Quality Management Registration, you must then maintain its integrity. One of the ways most important ways that you receive information on how well your quality system is performing is through Internal Audits. Internal Audits help you monitor your quality system and can uncover any weak areas or areas of non compliance. We design an Internal Audit Program that is appropriate to your company's individual needs. And will provide you with valuable insight into how your quality system is performing.

Through Internal Audits, we can monitor and report back on your Quality Management System to ensure that procedures and processes are being followed. We then report our findings to you along with any deficiencies and weak areas along with recommendations on how to fix any problems that we uncover. Never feel overwhelmed or sweat through another surveillance audit or scramble at the last minute to find and close corrective actions. With our program, you will be prepared and confident when your outside auditor arrives.

Not only can you be sure that your quality system is operating properly and a schedule of internal audits maintained but, our program is more cost effective than having full time employees do the audits. This is yet another area where we can save you money!!!

Small and medium size business seem to benefit the most from hiring us to do their Internal Audits. Frequently small and medium size businesses lack internal auditors with the skills and experience to really do an effective audit. Then the company is really without an effective measurement of the performance of the company's quality system. This then leaves them vulnerable to nonconformances during the next external audit. PQS offers other value added services such as:

Benefits from Outsourcing Internal Audits

Many internal audit programs fail because: